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What is a remortgage?

When your current mortgage arrangement is coming to an end it is important to make sure you get access to the best deals on the market.

Typically you might think the best option is to talk to your existing lender, however, the best option is to speak to one of our advisers who will find you the most appropriate lender for your situation and who offers the best available interest rate. It is likely that there will be better deals available to you than your existing lender.

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Why should I remortgage?

It is important to think about remortgaging well in advance, as if you leave it too close to the date in which your deal ends there will not be enough time to switch everything over for you. We would recommend contacting My Mortgage Finder three months prior to the end of your mortgage deal. This will give our advisers enough time to secure you the right rate available and make sure you don’t drop on to the standard variable rate.

If you are on a variable rate you should consider your options now as there may be a much better rate available to you. Just contact us and we will do the work for you, fee-free.

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Product transfers

Whilst it is likely that there will be better options and rates for you with other lenders, should your current lender offer the best solution we can help you complete a simple product transfer. This is a very quick process and therefore can be done one month prior to your current deal ending.

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Other considerations when remortgaging.

  • How much is my house worth? What will determine my interest rate? Hopefully the value will have risen since you purchased your property. This figure will have to be up to date and will normally require a valuation, most lenders now offer a free basic valuation when re-mortgaging.

  • Your loan amount compared to your property value will determine your interest rate. (The lower the balance of your mortgage and the higher the value of your property in theory means you will be offered a lower interest rate). We can search quickly for you to find the very best rates.

  • Do I have to pay an early repayment charge when I switch? Our mortgage advisers will always try to tie in your current deals end date with the new deals start date. This will avoid going onto the standard variable rate and paying an early repayment charge.

  • Should I switch my mortgage if I have to pay an early repayment charge? There may be some circumstances where this is appropriate, however, something like this would need to be looked at carefully by one of our advisers.