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Meet Tom. Tom has two County Court Judgements registered against him for an amount totalling £5,970. These were both paid off less than a year ago and both still show on his credit report. He is also worried about his very low credit score.

Tom has been trying desperately to get a mortgage. However his own bank said they couldn't help him and after a similar conversation with a local mortgage adviser Tom was at a loss leaving him upset and frustrated!

Tom spoke to his friend Jonny who recommended he speak to My Mortgage Finder who had helped him in a similar situation.

Lucky for Tom My Mortgage Finder are specialists in "bad credit" lending ...

Tom called My Mortgage Finder the same day. After a 15 minute chat with AJ, one of the friendly advisers, Tom was left feeling hopefully that his dream home may actually be achievable after all

Tom had one more 30 minute chat with AJ on the phone and received his mortgage offer inside two weeks. Six weeks later he picked up the keys to his brand new flat.

Tom is now the incredibly proud owner of a flat worth £265,000. Tom pays an interest rate of 3.44% after putting down a deposit of 5%. Tom's monthly repayments on his mortgage are £885.

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