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Meet Kate. Kate fell on hard times when she was made redundant 3 years ago. Kate has 2 Defaults and a County Court Judgement registered on her credit file. She was also forced to enter into a Debt Management Plan that she finished paying off just over 1 year ago.

Kate is back on her feet and has found a new job. She is now looking to buy her first home with her boyfriend Ash, but is worried about her financial problems from the past. Kate and Ash were recommended a mortgage adviser by Ash's Mum who helped her to remortgage last year.

Kate and Ash made an appointment at the mortgage advisers office for the following week. But they were left heartbroken after being told that banks and building societies didn't like this level of 'adverse'.

Kate and Ash thought their dreams were over and didn't know what to do...

My Mortgage Finder to the rescue...

Kate saw an ad for 'My Mortgage Finder' on Facebook who claimed to offer specialist advice for people who've been turned down for mortgages in the past.

Although Jack knew the high-street lenders wouldn't be able to help Kate, he used his contacts to find Kate a specialist lender who were prepared to help.

Kate and Ash are now the proud owners of their first home. Kate and Ash bought their home for £250,000 and pay an interest rate of 3.6% on a mortgage of £200,000 . Their monthly mortgage payments are £838.21 which are fixed for a period of 2 years.

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